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Let Your Space
Speak For Itself

FTV Co Works presents an incredible & unique opportunity to create your dream working spaces anywhere in India. You can design, customize & play with creativity & aesthetics to create lavish, luxurious, elegant & dynamic working spaces that allow work in a chilled-out mode. Replete with modern amenities, recreational spaces, fitness centers & dining areas FTV Co Works is a name synonymous with futuristic vision.


FTV Co Works is a meticulously designed premium, creative co-working space that is specifically curated for your individual needs. An office space that speaks volumes in corporate aesthetics & has a revitalizing effect. Build up a workplace experience enhancing the productivity with FTV Co Works!


Why to Choose FTV Co-Works?

Scalable and Modifiable Spaces:

Move up in space or customise the space as per your team and requirements, making it fit to your specific desires.

Simple Contracts:

Signing up with us and getting on board is as simplified as knowing business dynamics - making lives a little easier.


Long hours of functionality require designs and ambiences that exceed comfort and stress-free set-ups


Inspiration to create and relax with the help of design and reflective props such as art, mirrors and chandeliers that help arouse interest and productivity.


The usage of plants isn’t just for purification but enables a refreshed outlook, supporting better business practices, also greenery is just better.

Warm Hospitality:

Enhanced member experience, well-maintained spaces, round-the-clock hospitality and snackable treats are just the cherry on the cake.

Understandable Tech:

Wireless AV conferencing, access-controlled entry, rapid IT support, exceptional wifi speed and more - we’ve uncomplicated digital for you for an everyday elevated workspace.


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