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Spaces That Demand Productivity

Every business needs its wants met, and our designs provide just that, so you get the best out of each space, from premium events spaces to enterprise-grade spaces and meeting rooms.

Ready and Custom Built Spaces

Attract the best talent, maintain your culture and scale down or up as and when needed,
with spaces that detect and flourish ideas and maximum productivity.

A small yet highly technologically advanced space that allows just as much required room to move and enough seating space for your growing community.

Versatile Workspace Solutions

Meeting Rooms

Compact spaces that allow and enable clear communication, decked up with state-of-the-art televisions and projectors making showcasing presentation an art in itself.

Event Spaces

Colour and vibe, as you move around open spaces that invite audiences and event organisers to celebrities. Be in brand endorsements or events - we are built for anything.

Day Pass

Come in for a few hours, and make your do while you get access to every facility and amenities on board with our day passes. Be a part of our community, even if it's for a day!


Downloaded it yet ?

Great! you’rre already a step ahead to Change.


Pre Requisites

FTV Co-Works should be located at premium locations, convenient to reach from different parts of the metropolitan cities across the nation.

All franchises must be able to show strong financial backing to ensure the success of the business.

All franchises must have attractions and likings towards the desired industry with a zeal to research and strive to succeed.

Rich, Famous and Successful.

Brand support

FashionTV gives 360-degree support to all our franchise partners. We help in all aspects, ranging from location, architecture, and staff recruitment to PR launch plans, social media marketing, auditing, cross-marketing and more.

Strategic planning which is very important for the success of any business is worked on extensively by our team and franchise partners.

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